What We Do

The technology we wish to bring to market is the implementation of the hybrid platform in a swarm configuration that is modular in nature. The hybrid unmanned aerial vehicle platform combines the strengths of a rotor-aircraft with a fixed-wing aircraft: it is capable of vertical take-off and landing, and hover flight of a rotor-aircraft, as well as the extended range, speed, and endurance of a fixed-wing aircraft. Swarm technology will allow for multiple unmanned aircraft to operate and interact with each other and their environment, carrying out missions in a much more effective way due to distributed tasks.

The hybrid platform was first shown to the world in 2010. In 4 years research, our partner MAVLAB has become leader in hybrid UAV research, solving the complex control problems inherent with this type of craft. MAVLAB has developed and tested the technology for fully autonomous operation, and a working prototype can be seen in the video below. We wish to implement this technology in a commercial product – The Sky-Responder.