The Team

The UAS Entrepreneurs

Tunmise Odediran 
UAS Commercial Operations

I am an aerospace engineer with a specialisation in Air Transport Operations, but I have always believed in the importance of developing one’s self in a well-balanced manner. For this reason, I broadened my studies by following modules in Project Management, and Entrepreneurship, as well as being active in community service and extra-curricular activities. In addition to being bi-racial, I have lived in seven different countries which has given me the opportunity to develop a high degree of cross-cultural sensitivity, interpersonal communication, and adaptability. In my free time, I do fitness, and thai-boxing.

In Sky-Born, I will be involved mainly in the commercial functions of the company, such as project management, administration, human resources, public relations, and promotion and marketing. Connect with me via LinkedIn.

Mo Liems
UAS Integration & Pilot

Building and flying model helicopters and multi-rotors have always fascinated me. In the past, I have had multiple roles at an aerial cinematography firm as a test pilot and mission specific optimization engineer. My hobbies include 3-D acrobatic flying of model aircraft, kitesurfing, swimming, and playing the piano.

In Sky-Born I will be the test pilot, and will be in charge of UAS capacity building, regulations and certifications for pilots and operations, and overall product design, development, and integration of the hardware and software components. Connect with me via email.

Jonathan Ramirez
UAS Business Development

I am a successful entrepreneur with experience in business development, technology transfer, and international relations. Although I have an educational background in mechatronics, robotics, and kite power systems, I have always been intrigued in the management and commercial aspects of a company. My hobbies include playing the guitar and kiteboarding.

In Sky-Born, I will be involved mainly with strategic business development, external relations and networking, and financial aspects of the company. Connect with me via LinkedIn.